We would like to help you to get the most out of your visit to Sweden. Below we suggest a smorgasbord of ideas of experiences we have already thought of. Please send us a mail if you have other ideas or questions! Mail to us: info@tystbergalogi.se

Mysigt boende för relax, en timme söder om Stockholm.

Hos oss finns plats för ro och gemenskap på landet, tjugo minuter från Stendörren i sörmlands skärgård. Du bor alldeles nära naturen och allt som finns att uppleva därNYHET: Under 2019 planterar vi ett träd per person som bor hos oss för att klimatkompensera Er vistelse här. Läs mer om Vi-skogen @viskogen Välkomna!

Take a bicycle ride - 

There are many different routes good for bicycling of around 20 - 40 km in our area.

We have bicycles for rent!

Hike  - visit Sörmlandsleden hiking trail

We are by path 49. We will help you to organize a good hike for the day.

 Sörmlandsleden hiking trail


Play golf -

We can arrange with greenfee at our local golfclub Åda Golf & Country Club or in Nyköping.

Jogging in the forest

There is a trail 2 km from the cottage.

We have the map.

Visit the archipelago -

Walk on the cliffs and bring your own picnic basket. 20 min by car from the cottage.

Rent a kayak or canoe!

More information: www.paddling.se

Enjoy the wild life

in our area in the late light summer evenings ... all for free!  Welcome!

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