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Mysigt boende för relax, en timme söder om Stockholm.

Hos oss finns plats för ro och gemenskap på landet, tjugo minuter från Stendörren i sörmlands skärgård. Du bor alldeles nära naturen och allt som finns att uppleva där.


You can buy food in Tystberga, COOP,

2 km from us.

Opening hours

Weekdays till 8 pm./Weekends till 5 pm.


We also have a Café and a Pizzeria in Tystberga.

There are several restaurants in the area - reached by car.


Wi Fi: You have access to our WiFi when you stay here.



There are buses but they are not very frequent. We can pick you after request! Seach for timetable at the RESEPLANERAREN at


For timetables . You can also call customer service at +46 (0)771-22 40 00.



Tourist information:

We like to help our guests as much as we can, with practical and tourist information.


Other questions? Contact us!